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Wanted (International not covered by the above)>Looking for Axolotl, CANADA
Shortcircuit05 02:49 16th April 2014
Any type of Axolotl really, just not wild type as I already have one. :) I live in Edmonton, AB.

ynahanson 19:55 20th April 2014
I have a Leucistic Axolotl 6 months old for sale
$40 + Shipping ($15 for 2 day Shipping or $26 for 1 day shipping)

mizzerman 05:35 21st April 2014
If you use paypal, I have white (leucistic), albino and a few melanistic axolotls. the white are $20, the melanistic and albino are $30. The melanistic ones are the smallest at 1.5", the others are around 3" I also have some golden albino just hatched so will be available in couple months. I can ship to Edmonton for $30.

kristensundevic 03:17 28th March 2015

I have albinos, leucistics, GFP (glowing) albinos and GFP (glowing) leucistic babies and juveniles for sale. If interested, email me at I'm located in Vancouver, BC but can ship them out to you.


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