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Sick Axolotl? Axolotl looking down in the gills? The doctors are in.



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Default New Axies not eating

So Iím not exactly new to keeping axolotls. I used to have several and raised many from eggs to adults. Iíve never had trouble with one eating. Iíve been out of the hobby for several years, but went to a reptile show about a month ago. A vendor was selling them and I couldnít leave without one! I ended up with two. One male wild type and one female copper. Both are roughly 7-8 inches long. They supposedly were eating pellets, so I bought some from the vendor as well. They are the Rangen soft pellets Iíve used in the past. Brought them home and set up a brand new 75 gallon tank for them. They are on sand, have plenty of hides and fake plants. Water parameters are perfect and temp is steady at 68F. I have a sump for filtration with media from my other 75 community tank that is well established to help the tank begin cycling. I do water changes and test the water weekly. I have offered red wigglers that I rinsed with no interest. They wonít eat bloodworms either. The male will eat a single pellet every few days or so. Iíve literally never seen the female eat. They have lost a little weight, but are not badly underweight yet. They were fat when I got them and now you can tell they have each lost a little. They are not under bright lights, and they otherwise appear healthy. Gills look great and no other signs that something may be wrong. I am at a loss and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: New Axies not eating

Do you have access to nightcrawlers? Red wrigglers can emit a nasty smell/taste which axies don't like. Mine refuse to eat them but go crazy over the nightcrawlers.
I wouldn't say it's unusual for axies to go off food when being brought into a new home, it's always happened to me. It took my newest one Steve literally a month before she started eating regularly. She was scared of worms but still wouldn't eat them if I blanched them. The best success I had were pellets and frozen axolotl food, which I don't think you can get in the US (though you could DIY it).

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