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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) A dedicated topic for those seeking help with Axolotls, showing off your photos, or just to talk about them.



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Unhappy Axie issues? Help

So I recently got my Axo last Thursday, this is my first time owning a salamander but not my first having aquatic animals. I already had a test kit handy and everything under the sun. I had gotten her suddenly though since the place I bought her from had her with 5 other axos in a 20 gal where the water didn't look so good. I decided this would be a in-fish or in this case in-salamander cycle. I know many are against this but I decided to take my chances, I had a starter though to try and make the cycle as safe as possible for her. I am using Sea-chem Stability and water conditioner with it (Not sea-chem prime, but a separate tetra conditioner for amphibians) as people on various forums had advised for an in-cycle like this. She had been eating fine and all, and had been defecating quite a bit over the last two days as I had fed her an earthworm (provided, cut up into pieces) daily. All had seemed well until she stopped eating , she would put the worms in her mouth and then spit them up. At first I thought maybe it was an length issue , so I severed them shorter and she still spit them up. Keep in mind she stopped eating around the time she started defecating , the defecation is normal from what I've researched, being 2-3 days after feeding. She hasn't shown any symptoms of stress prior to today where she is roaming around the tank a lot more often, swimming more around the top and middle whilst still the bottom and sort of running into tank walls. I think it could be she is trying to interact with her reflection but I've heard of things like this before so i'm not sure. I did a water test yesterday, tested 1 ppm ammonia and 0 for nitrates and trites. I popped an ammonia tablet in there to maybe bring it down out of fear it would affect her. I know a lot of people might be angry with me for doing an in-cycle with an animal like this but I do just want the best for her and am trying my best to make her living conditions good and keep her healthy in this situation. If you have any advice or insight i'd appreciate it as i'm not sure if this is normal axie behavior. Additional info encase needed: I am using a whisper filter, that seems to have decent flow for her but I do have a sponge filter at the ready I have just yet to by an air pump. She is currently the only axie in my 10 gallon , she has fake plants (gentle enough not to hurt her) and a log decor in the tank, none of which she can directly hide under but I am working on getting her a pvc pipe or similar hide. Temperature has been consistent at 64 degrees sometimes 2 below or 2 higher but relatively there. I have no aquarium light on the tank and my room is pitch black at night. She is an albino Axolotl, and the substrate I am using is silica sand. Haven't done a water chance yet but plan to this Thursday at exactly one week. Thanks so much for your help! Let me know if there's any other info I can provide.

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