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Waxworms, Mealworms, Maggots, etc>Indian meal moth
josh1990 15:22 16th November 2019
Just wanted to know if anyone else cultures these for insectivorous Herptiles. Everything I have eats them with gusto like tiny waxworms. Most larva are about 1 cm long, perfect size for smaller species like Plethodon species. I have no idea on nutritional content but my best guess would be something similar to the waxworm species. They are super easy to culture; I use placon insect containers with a few cm of grain mixed with bee pollen. They do not need any source of added moisture. They are also good for small lizards, frogs and snakes like smooth green snakes. Species name by the way is Plodia interpunctella for those interesting. I got my current culture by way of a songbird seed cake infested with them from a local hardware store; most likely the easiest way to get them too.

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