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Default Greetings (and Axolotl questions) from Slovenia! :)

Hello dear Caudatians!

First of all I would like to express my gratitutude towards this forum and it's people. It has helped me a lot just reading through the material available on these pages. And thank you for accepting me :)

My name is Damjan and I am a 28 year old biopsychologist by education and DJ/producer by heart. I have a very wide area of interest in different fields of science, art the occult and many more. The weirder the better - where the "juice is at".

Axolotls were always fascinating creatures for me ever since I've first came across them reading about possible transhumanist technologies.


So here is the story about how this amazing creature came to me:

We had an art project here in Ljubljana, Slovenia where I currently reside by local and foreign artist, touching the subject of empathic strategies. One of them had a few axolotls free for adoption. So my friend, knowing I had an interest in these creatures, sent me link where they announced they have a few axolotls they are giving away for free. This was 2 days before the pick up and I applied and amazingly I was able to reserve the last spot to adopt.

So because of late notice I did not have an opportunity to prepare a proper tank and I kept my Axolotl in a small plastic container, perhaps max. twice it's size. My animal still currently resides in this container (it's been 10 days now)

Of course I change the water every two days (I use fresh, clean pure spring water I collect myself from unpolluted water source north of our capital) and test it's qualities every day to make sure everything is in order.


I was able to acquire my tank two days ago and have set it up just yesterday - I put sand on the bottom, planted a few Anubias and some Hornwort, positined some rocks, set up a filter and filled it up with tap water prepared with elixir for dechlorinating. I also inhabited the aquarium with 7 Danio Rerio fish to start pooping :)


My question to you, people of Caudata, is :

Is it possible to use the quicker method to colonize my filter - with an aquarium starter - and put my Axolotl there AS SOON AS POSSIBLE?

The thing is I have a feeling it is getting quite depressed being in a small container (mentioned above) although of course he (probably a she though) is quite active and interactive, funky with me

I know it is best to cycle the aquarium old school style but I did not have the chance since the adoption happened very quickly almost without notice.


If the moderators think this question has to be put in another section of the forum I can gladly ask there.

Every answer would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Izdubar (Damjan)

P.S.: Sorry for wall of text - it's just my first post xD

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Default Re: Greetings (and Axolotl questions) from Slovenia! :)

Welcome to the forum!
I don't know about the aquarium starter media if an axolotl could tolerate it. But do you have another aquarium (or somebody living near you) so that you could get some filter media from a well-established tank? That would help you to a quicker start. Good luck with your new guy/gal! Ps. How about the fish? I'm no axolotl expert (I only have firebelly newts) but I think it's not their biggest desire to have fish in the same pool..

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