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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) A dedicated topic for those seeking help with Axolotls, showing off your photos, or just to talk about them.



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Default How to remove sand without killing cycle?

( 1st Paragraph is a short backstory, Optional to read: ) Hello, I'm new to the hobby, and I am cycling a future tank i'm going to upgrade to, and i'm going to keep new fish in the old tank so I decided to just fully cycle the new tank for my axolotls instead of moving media and such. Anyways, once the tank is fully cycled, I'm going to be moving my baby axolotls into a 10 gallon (they're both about 2 in long) and I didn't know I would end up getting two axolotls, nor did I think I'd be getting babies, (so keep in mind I will be upgrading the tank to roughly a 30 gallon once they get a little bigger if you're worried about the size)

But as you may know, axolotls when under 5 in long they can't have sand. So when my tank is done cycling I'm going to remove the sand out of the tank but I don't know how to do it without going into a mini cycle or anything?If you're wondering why I had sand in the tank, I didn't know I was getting axolotls that small. But I won't make the tank go into a mini cycle when I remove it will I?

How I'm planning to remove it (please tell me if I need to change anything) :

1) Tank out some of the water and put into a bucket
2) Remove sponge and media from filter into the bucket with old tank water
3) Remove the rest of the tank water (not all, just most) following that by removing decor and put into bucket with media
4) Remove all sand in tank, using a scoop, then when it gets too low to use scoop, use siphon (removing all sand at once)
5) When sand is all removed into another bucket, add back decor and fill tank with conditioned water, and put sponge and media back into filter
6) Let tank run for 24 hours and then test to make sure water levels are okay and add axolotls

that's what I wanna do, but iv'e heard that people say to remove sand in sections. just wanna make sure i don't crash my cycle!

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Default Re: How to remove sand without killing cycle?

That really depends on your filtration setup. Most of the bacteria will be inside the filter, provided that they have some stable, porous media to colonize.

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