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FS: USA>Axolotls for adoption
aalysaz 22:12 20th June 2018
I have four axolotls (two leucistic; two melanoid) that I am giving away for ADOPTION until the end of August. Times are negotiable.
I am going away for the summer and I can't take care of them.
The two leucistics are around 6 1/2 inches, both most likely male.
One melanoid is around 6 inches, most likely female.
The other melanoid is around 5 inches, unsexed.
There is no price except shipping, as they will only be with you for two months.
I cannot give the tank away as well unless it is pick up.
I live in NYC.
Thanks so much, caudata. I really trust you.

Mother of Cats 18:18 17th July 2018
Do you have any photos of them? I'd love to see them, I am pretty interested in getting another.

aalysaz 14:55 27th July 2018
Hey! Iím really sorry.. I thought Iíd closed this thread. Iíve found someone to take care of them, but I may have more for sale in later months. Thanks for showing interest!

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