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Axolotl Eggs, Larvae & Breeding Eggs everywhere, how did that happen? Will it be albino or wildtype?



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Lightbulb Larvae questions...

Hi guys i have a few questions about my larvae, They are roughly 8 weeks old, soon to be 9. The parents are a Dark golden w/ Blue eyes and a Wildtype male, although ive gotten 4 distinct colours from these two axolotls with a few variants in each.

They are Brownish Wildtype, a slightly green wildtype, dark gold, pale gold, leucistic with no brown spots, leucistic with brown spots and this odd colour i have no idea what it actually is.. Can someone tell me what colour variant it is please?
also my gold babies have gold eyes.. is this common??

Pic -- 11638013 10205448881076783 1085231516 N - MyLilPegasister's and 11647363 10205448881396791 91102141 N - MyLilPegasister's
(( top right hand corner below the gold and above the wildtype.))

Also my non spotty leucistic, has one side of its body bigger than the other.. ive been watching it grow and its left side has nearly caught up with its right side, the only things that havent caught up is its left eye and left back leg.. why is this happening? Will it survive?
Pic ---- 11270129 10205448883796851 1051675924 N - MyLilPegasister's

Finally i have 4 babies that were premature, these are the only 4 out of the 10 that hatched a few days early than the others that survived, they are really small...
anything i can do to help them grow faster?? 2 have their front legs, and only one of those two had the little nubs were the back legs will be.

I put one of the premmy babies with an average sized big one, for comparison

Pic ---- 11650690 10205448880276763 401404771 N - MyLilPegasister's and 11655480 10205448880676773 631932832 N - MyLilPegasister's

The big axolotls get fed daily, with live bloodworms, mosquito larvae, and BBS, all of these are cultured myself indoors so they cant be contaminated.. the 4 small ones get fed twice daily, their tanks are cleaned daily also, sometimes i miss a day due to being busy occasionally. the big ones are in a 40L tank, the 4 little ones are in a 10L tank so there is no competition for food...

Anything i can do to increase their size?

--- Also, i was cleaning out their tanks hence why they were in containers..

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Default Re: Larvae questions...

Hi. Ill answer some of your questions.

First, that axolotl is Albino and yes it is common. This means that one of the parents siblings were albino. Your adult axolotls have the albino gene in them because their parents had it in them. They carry the gene but it does not come out in them. So it came out in some of their babies. Their are Golden Albino, White Albino (Leucistic Albino), Melanoid Albino and GFP Albino.
The gold babies with gold eyes that you mention are called Golden Albinos, congratulations, they are beautiful axolotls.

Your Leucistic that is growing funny is most likely deformed and born that way. It may survive, it may not. You can try to keep it alive and see how it does... It has came this far.

Only thing you can do to make the premmies grow faster is to feed them a **** ton basically. Keep them separated from the others so they don't get eaten.
The picture of the bigger guy with the back legs is just about ready for sale! When they have all 4 legs fully and are eating bloodworms and pellets, they can go to new homes! :)

It sounds like you are doing everything really really well. Axolotls are ALOT of work. I currently have 400 going :) Full time job

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