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Sick Axolotl? Axolotl looking down in the gills? The doctors are in.



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Default Re: Please help!

Originally Posted by Mortimer View Post
Hi, I was just reading through this thread and wondering if you know that he doesn't have the same illness that the others he attacked had? You called it mouth rot? I haven't heard of that in axolotls, but with his mouth symptoms.....could they be related?Maybe he had the infection for a long while and it was dormant?

And one other thing I wanted to note....please don't take this as me trying to be rude....I'm really not. I don't understand why your mentality with your axolotl seems to be that the status quo is fine until something horrible happens. If something horrible happens, it's already happened and the damage has been done. We all learn from trial and error at times, but with creatures that rely on our care, I don't think it's fair to leave risky situations as-is just because something hasn't happened "yet." I wouldn't leave a baby with a big dog and separate them only after the baby had been bitten. I hope I'm making sense--I'm in bed and half asleep! Also, I hope I haven't seriously offended you.

And I hope your little guy recovers quickly from whatever is going on with him.
He is totally fine now, no marks or anything. The two females, from what I saw and heard from the owner- almost half of their mouths were covered in the white fungus-like stuff and they were very skinny I believe it got so bad because she was not treating them like she should which she did admit. I was not really involved with the other two, they developed the mouth issues after being attacked by Quagmire (I want to say they were together recovering and he was separated) which is understandable due to the amount of stress they were probably under. I know one of them also had jumped out while she was in quarentine and was on the floor for abit before she found her, poor things went through hell (I am no longer friends with this person >_<). I know while she was trying to get the issue under control she eventually used gentamycin which was working last time I heard.

Looking back I think his issue was a cut that became infected and, because I used the salt and the medications, became more irritated . I remember when the original scrape happened and I had expected it to get better on its own... The tea worked like magic! Atleast now I have a full understanding on the different treatments for different issues :).

Im not offended! Its just the way it was formated, like a teacher grading a paper, that ticked me off lol.
Please understand Im not waiting for something horrible to happen, fish dont just turn into monsters overnight, they gradually start asserting their dominance. As long as they have a constant food source, live plant matter and algae two things that Quagmire isnt interested in, I dont see why the CAE would all of a sudden decide to maul him. You cant even see him half the time hes so busy.

I know the signs of stress on axi's and fish and these guys are fine. Trust me! I am in and out of that room all day, I would definatly notice if something was going down. When he is upset about something, me moving an ornament or putting the filter in a different spot, he will curl his tail and spend most of his time hiding for a bit until he gets over it- or I put the offending item back where it was. -__-

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