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FS: USA>N. strauchii, lesser sirens, eastern/peninsular newts, T. torosa metamorphs, A. talpoideum adults
onetwentysix 16:06 27th August 2013
I currently have the following animals for sale. All animals are captive bred. My camera is busted right now so I don't have pictures for everything, but can try to get some on request.

Neurergus strauchii juveniles; 2013
11 animals available
$50 each

Taricha torosa metamorphs
Limited number available, but more coming out of the water every day.
$30 each
Click the image to open in full size.

Lesser siren juveniles
Around three inches in length
$25 each, 2-4 for $22 each, 5+ for $20 each
Click the image to open in full size.
Larger animal shows one year of growth (though it was in the parent enclosure, which has higher growth rates).

Notophthalmus v. viridescens efts
Absolutely tiny, need springtails. Terrestrial. ~20 available.
$12 each

Notophthalmus v. piaropicola
Aquatic juveniles, much larger than the efts despite same age. Some are neotenes, though I don't expect them to keep this with shipping. Limited number available.
$15 each

Ambystoma talpoideum adults
2-3 years old, F1 and F2 animals. Two terrestrial animals available, many neotenes. Trying to thin out my population since they aren't breeding anymore; too crowded. Neotenes will NOT retain gills when shipped, but still need to be shipped in water. May be kept aquatic regardless of gills, though should be provided with a land section in case the animal chooses to go terrestrial - if so, move to a fully terrestrial enclosure.
$30 each, $50 for both terrestrial animals.
Click the image to open in full size.

Please include zip code for shipping quote. Thanks!

tyzoone 15:36 17th May 2014
T torosa to 84013 ?

onetwentysix 21:38 31st May 2014
I've been getting a lot of PMs from this post, but it's almost a year old. I do not have any strauchii this year.

I do have some torosa again, but they won't be available until probably the end of July.

I'll post a new thread when I have animals available again. Sorry!

melrose1414 22:20 1st June 2014
do you still have the baby sirens?

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