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Sick Axolotl? Axolotl looking down in the gills? The doctors are in.



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Default Axie curled up to one side

I keep two axies in a large tank. One of them (Oprah) is curled up to one side and also tilts to one side. Still manages to keep on the bottom of the tank so not floating but is sometimes completely upside down. I've removed her from the large tank and put her in a shallow container so she can keep her feet on the bottom. She's clearly stressed and I don't know what to do. I normally feed them pellets and the occasional frozen bloodworms and earthworms. Recently we tried a new frozen axie food and I thought she might just have indigestion but has been in this state for a week now. In the shallow tank I did feed her an earthworm which she ate and since has done a poop but is now refusing food. I haven't got a water testing kit but to be safe I gave the filter a good clean and did partial water changes for a few days. Substrate in the main tank is stones so she may have ingested one but can't be sure. Her partner (Dr Phil) is fine, enjoying having the tank to himself.

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Default Re: Axie curled up to one side

How large are your stones? I'm concerned Oprah may have swallowed one. If it had been only been a day or so after the new food, it might have been indigestion (Galaxy got like this when he ate prawn for the first time) but I'm worried she's swallowed a stone.

Are we talking pebbles or river stones? Are they siliconed down? Also, can you test your water? Parameters might be having an effect.

If you really suspect it's a stone or similar, it may be worth fridging her if she's struggling to pass it. You can find information on fridging on the Sticky on the Sick Axolotl page. Depending on the size of your stones you may need to see a vet if at all possible - very large stones are going to be difficult to pass.

I hope she gets better soon, but I would suggest fridging if she hasn't gotten any better - just do it gently and slowly if you do, as sudden temp changes can stress them out even more. Also, if it is the stones, it might be a good idea to remove them to prevent them swallowing them again. I know it's a bummer - I had to remove all my sand recently, but I feel a little safer with it gone - but it will prevent it happening again.

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