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n3113h 03:37 26th April 2013
I recently started feeding my axolotls red wigglers, about 4-5 days ago, since I thought they were getting too big and needed more nutrition than bloodworms could give them.
Well, my axolotls go crazy over them since theyíre alive and moving all over the tank, but as soon as they eat them.. They keep them in their mouths for a little while, and then just spit them out! I have no clue whatís going on.
Iím not sure if the worms are too big, move too much in them, or they just donít like them. Oh, also.. since the worms are alive, after my axolotls spit them out, they start trying to hide in the sand (the sand substrate wasnít my idea, by the way).

So yeah, I need some advice! From experienced axolotl owners, please!
Should I kill the worms, cut them, or something? Theyíre pretty hardy though, they donít die easily unless they dry out.

Thanks :-)

Otterwoman 10:37 26th April 2013
I don't have axies, but maybe they're too big, cut them in half? Or maybe they don't like them. I've heard that red wigglers are bitter compared to nightcrawlers.
Welcome to the forum! I hope someone else chimes in.

Neil C 10:43 26th April 2013
As mentioned above red wrigglers have a bitter taste which some axolotls take a while getting used to. Wash the worms well before you feed them and once your axololts get used to the taste they should have no problem eating them.

Regards Neil

Jen10s 10:45 26th April 2013
Welcome to the forum, you'll find loads of great information and advice here.

Otter woman is right with the cutting the worms, some axolotls can't handle full length worms and will spit them out every time. Try cutting them no wider than your axolotl's head and they should be easier for them to manage. Maybe check the thread about feeding jars or you can get a bowl or plate for the worms that way they can't escape into the sand as easily.

Good luck and enjoy your new hobby, they are great time wasters .... Just watching them

NeekaLovesYou 10:45 26th April 2013
It is said that axolotls prefer night crawlers over red wrigglers, due to the taste but I feel it's a case of fussiness more than anything. An axolotl will eat anything rather than go hungry. If the worms are hefty buggers chop them to a length approximately the same width of the axolotls head, this will make them more manageable for the 'lotls to eat.

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