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Tiger Salamander & Axolotl (Ambystoma tigrinum, A. mavortium spp, etc.) The Tiger Salamanders and the Axolotl are so popular amongst hobbyists that they have been given their own topic. If you're particularly interested in the Axolotl, there is a large section of the forum devoted mainly to beginner Axolotl enthusiasts (not this topic).



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i thought that all a. tigrinum subspecies, except for a. tigrinum tigrinum, have been re-classified as subspecies of a. mavortium, formerly a. tigrinum mavortium. i am a little confused because all websites, except amphibiaWeb, and most written materials still refer to a. tigrinum and subspecies as the common tiger salamander, and most still list a. mavortium as a subspecies of a. tigrinum. does anybody know the current classification of a. tigrinum and a. mavortium, and where to find references?

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The current classification is:
A. tigrinum tigrinum
A. mavortium mavortium
A. mavortium diaboli
A. mavortium melanostictum
A. mavortium nebulosum
A. mavortium stebbinsi

The major papers where this is explained are:

Ambystoma mavortium---Shaffer and McKnight, 1996, Evolution, 50: 430.

Irschick, Duncan J.; Shaffer, H. Bradley (1997). ''The polytypic species revisited: Morphological differentiation among tiger salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum) (Amphibia: Caudata).'' Herpetologica, 53(1), 30-49.

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mavortium, tigrinum

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