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Crocodile Newts (Tylototriton & Echinotriton)... Two popular genera of Asian newts, the crocodile newts are diverse of habit, habitat, and appearance. The Mandarin or Emperor Newt, Tylototriton shanjing, is highly sought after.



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Pierson Hill
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Default Bsal prominent in wild Vietnamese Tylototriton

Abstract: The amphibian chytrid fungi, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) and B. salamandrivorans (Bsal),
pose a major threat to amphibian biodiversity. Recent evidence suggests Southeast Asia as a potential
cradle for both fungi, which likely resulted in widespread host-pathogen co-existence. We sampled
583 salamanders from 8 species across Vietnam in 55 locations for Bsal and Bd, determined scaled
mass index as a proxy for fitness and collected environmental data. Bsal was found within 14 of the
55 habitats (2 of which it was detected in 2013), in 5 salamandrid species, with a prevalence of 2.92%.
The globalized pandemic lineage of Bd was found within one pond on one species with a prevalence of
0.69%. Combined with a complete lack of correlation between infection and individual body condition
and absence of indication of associated disease, this suggests low level pathogen endemism and Bsal
and Bd co-existence with Vietnamese salamandrid populations. Bsal was more widespread than Bd, and
occurs at temperatures higher than tolerated by the type strain, suggesting a wider thermal niche than
currently known. Therefore, this study provides support for the hypothesis that these chytrid fungi may
be endemic to Asia and that species within this region may act as a disease reservoir.

Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans is the predominant chytrid fungus in Vietnamese salamanders : Scientific Reports

Even in the study of animals disagreeable to perception, the nature that crafted them likewise provides extraordinary pleasures to those who are able to know their causes and are by nature philosophers. - Aristotle, De partibus animalium I. 5
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Default Re: Bsal prominent in wild Vietnamese Tylototriton

Thank you.

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