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North American Newts (Notophthalmus & Taricha)>My notophthalmus have some bundles
felizycontento 19:56 16th March 2009
I have one of them with several bundles under their skin. It seems not to affect their behavior nor health, but I would like to know wich could be the origin.


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ravenous 00:18 19th March 2009
Ive never heard of bundles. What are they?

slowfoot 00:53 19th March 2009
I've never seen that before! Are they soft or hard? How long has it had the lumps?

Honestly, I would separate it from the others. Maybe someone with more knowledge can tell you what they are, but to me they look like they could be some sort of parasite living under the skin.

ferret_corner 01:48 19th March 2009
I'm with Erin - seperate it asap until you ascertain what those lumps are. Tumors are most likely but parasites run a close second.

felizycontento 09:33 19th March 2009
Sorry ravenous. Bad translation.

The most correct word I think is lumps.

felizycontento 09:05 23rd March 2009
My first group of notophthalmus has them all those lumps.

I have a new group, and one of them has get a lump so, it should be some kind of infection.

Has anyone have such problem?

herpvet 07:09 28th March 2009

Sorry to chime in so late.

Lumps under the skin are most likely to be abscesses generally in my opinion, although parasites or tumours would also be significant possibilities. I would suggest that you really need to get the animal to a vet, and have appropriate samples taken from the lumps. This should allow distinguishing between the possibilities, and give the best course of action/treatment.

Hope this helps,


felizycontento 18:55 31st March 2009
I have a new simtomp.

Lumps has move from some individual to another, so it cannot be tumors

ferret_corner 21:11 31st March 2009
general consensus is some sort of parasite - you need a vet.

Olli 00:00 1st April 2009
A long Time ago i had an Axolotl, which had something like this. There came a white worm out of it after it was opened with a medical knife. Some days i made baths with "Kaliumpermanganat". I have never seen something like this again.
Today i would take it to a special Vet, to know what kind of parasite it was. Might be that there are more of them in the body.
Greetings Olli

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