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Sick Axolotl?>Urgent!
Scargrim 13:43 25th March 2015
Right so, the problem here is my axolotl leevi has a swollen lower jaw, i checked inside her mouth, nothing there? refused food for about a week now and abit now. there were little white worms in the tank also, they are disappearing though, water changed past 2 weeks with 50% water changes, trying to feed her earthworms and she isn't taking to them, i fridged her twice just to see if that helped, the feathers on her gills have shrunk a little bit but the gills are still there at a average size to her body, no red marks on the body at all the cloaca doesn't look swollen?!

she had a tank mate who was healthy as all hell, and i went to queensland for a week and put a new piece of driftwood in the tank and nothing too bothering to them apparently.
came back from queensland and they refused food from me, and the tank mate died after a few days, so i cleaned the tank and took leevi out.
there were food pellets left in the tank when i saw it coming home (my siblings and parents fed them pellets whilst i was on holidays) and they started getting gross.

can anbody help me out here? i've lost one already and i don;t want to loose leevi, i've had her for over a year!!

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rachel1 14:10 25th March 2015
That animal looks really thin. If there was uneaten food sitting in the tank while you were away, there was likely an ammonia spike which may be poisoning them. I would recommend as close to a 100% water change as you can do. I think your animal needs a veterinarian. It looks really poorly to me, and may need antibiotics to recover. What are your water parameters? Temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate?

Scargrim 22:46 25th March 2015
UPDATE! So after sticking Leevi in a container with a lid, sticking 2 earthworms in there and wrapping in a towl to keep dark, she ate one earthworm over the night and pooped, when I get home tonight I'll be doing a 100% water change for the container and doing a 75% water change for her tank. She still has the swollen lower jaw though

allied123 01:38 26th March 2015
Okay, what do you mean exactly by fridged her twice? you should read through the fridging guide, I believe they need to stay in the fridge for several days changing the temperature rapidly and for short periods of time is stressful for them. Their appetite will be decreased during and after fridge time because the cold temperature slows their metabolism so I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't eat right away. If the swelling doesn't go down in a couple days you might try fridging her properly. I believe any wood you put in the tank needs to be sterilized first (I'm not too clear on that as I haven't done it). Could you possibly test the water parameters of the tank?

Scargrim 02:54 26th March 2015
Sorry, by frindging her I meant, taking her out for 5 mins to change the container with new declorinated water to stick her back in, I'll have to check the water condition after work tonight!

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