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Default 2 Axolotls for sale - Siblings, 1 GFP, Leucistics



I received my axolotls from a Craigslist ad over a year ago. They were bred by the same mother, both Luecistic, Please don't breed them together.

Raised them from juvies up into (almost) full grown adults and i love them very much. They have very unique personalities.

I just can't take care of them. I thought i could handle dealing with cycling the tank, but i've tried cycling for well over a year for it to crash, to move ( i have moved 5 times since i've had them), or for something terrible to happen for it to not complete the cycle. I've come to the realization i should never have aquatic animals, and at this point just cruel to the axolotls to keep them in their "temporary" holders with stressing the out when i do water changes every day.


Lancelotl - Leucistic, Male, battle scar (see below), timid, easily stressed out / kind of special needs (see below)
  • He has a cut on his tail from when i was moving and my ferret got out and used him as a playtoy. His tail was almost completely cut, but he has been healing very nicely. There's just an obvious "fold" in his tail where the two pieces healed back together.
  • He gets really easily stressed out. If food falls on his head he won't eat it and won't eat after. If you clean the tank before you feed him, he will refuse to eat. The few times i've had him in the tank with air pumps he was scared of the air pumps and didn't leave his hidey holes. You will have to be very patient with him, if not be your only axo.

Axio - Leucistic GFP, Female, she's very playful and likes to watch you do everything, relatively active for being an axolotl
  • She and Lancelotl have been fed the same amount but she's a big fatty while he's a tiny
  • She comes up to the top to say hi (or ask for food)
  • Her gills aren't very lush, but she makes it up in personality
  • Also received some battle wounds from the ferret incident but they are not very noticeable
  • Didn't seem particularly upset when in the set-up tank for the short periods of time. She seemed more confused about the activity than she seemed stressed out.
  • She's got cute little freckles all over her snoot

Comes with:
- 20g tank
- currently have 3 Danios (i gave up trying to non-fish cycle)
- plenty of accessories. Plastic bushes, rose quartz rocks, plastic logs, hidey holes, hamster tubes
- 1 Aqueon QuietFlow Aquarium Power Filter 10
- Whipser Air Pump
- 2 plastic air stone thingies
- 3-4 Thermometers (+suction cups to hold them up)
- Seachem - Primer
- 1 new bag and 1/5th left of other Hikari Sinking Pellets: Carnivore (small)
- API stress coat
- Api Quick Start
- API Aquatic chemical readers: (all single bought packs) Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, PH up and Down
- Aquairum safe sponges
- Algae cleaner magnet
- Danios food
- Netting
- Turkey baster for feeding
- 2 aquatic "carrying" cases where they are currently staying in

Asking Price

300$ total for all the stuff.

I mainly want to see them go to a new home that will take care of them properly. Would be willing to separate them, but not too keen on the idea of the siblings being apart.


Kirkland, Washington

Come meet them, pick them up, i'll help carry stuff out.

If you would like to see the damage done from my ferrets i can provide pictures, feel free to PM. But his tail is completely healed up now.
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Default Re: 2 Axolotls for sale - Siblings, 1 GFP, Leucistics

Are you willing to sell only the tank and the axolotls?

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