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Axolotl tank set-ups, filters, substrate>Will my axolotls be affected by this change in pH?
katbeck99 17:50 12th December 2017
Ok, so here's the deal. I have a new 50 gallon long that has just finished cycling (Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm, Nitrate 10-20ppm) but the pH is 6.8-7.2 (can't tell exactly) and the water hardness is somewhat low. However, the tank my two axies are in now has a pH of about 7.4-7.8 and the water is somewhat hard. Should they be fine if I move them in now, or should I try to match the pH and hardness? The only reason I feel like I might not have to is because when people receive their axolotls from people in other states/countries, they have no idea what their tank parameters were and the majority survive and thrive in their new homes. Any thoughts?

Tags:50 long, axolotls, cycling, moving, new tank, ph levels
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