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Newt and Salamander Help>PREGNANT REDBACK SALAMANDER??!!!!
jay 21:55 29th April 2005
I tried this on the Newt and Salamander help section, but since this is the specialized section, i thought there would be better info here.

I have a redback salamander, who is female, and is about twice as fat as the other ones, some what lethargic, and spends most of it's time hiding or looking for hiding spots. i put it in a seperate tank with plenty of hiding spots because i thought it was pregnant. here are some photos, any info you can give me would be most appreciated. The "pregnant" one is on the left. Click the image to open in full size.. this is the "pregnant" one's underside.Click the image to open in full size.

nate 11:15 30th April 2005
If you're pretty sure the male has successfully courted her, then it's a good idea to remove her like you have to a separate container. If not, keep them together. Try not to disturb her too much, or when (if) she does lay the eggs, she may very well eat them out of stress.

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blufrgman25 11:41 16th May 2019
What was the outcome to this? Did she have the babies?

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