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Axolotl General Discussion>Selling some babies to pet shop - how old/big?
SarahandRich 15:27 3rd April 2008
I have about 35 lovely babies, some dark some light - no albino, just under an inch long. They hatched over the Easter w/end. They are fat, happy, lively and healthy; pigging down their daphnia like crazy!

I also have an experienced lady at an aquarium and specialist fish shop keen to buy them, but, with the axie's best interests in mind, I have two questions:

1 At what stage/age/size should I let them go to the shop? (I will provide a printed and laminated fact sheet for display in the shop AND one printout each for their eventual buyer to be given - incl my contact details). I can check on the shop regularly too to see they are OK, as it's local.

2 How much should I charge the shop?? (I've read people mentioning that they bought one from between 14 and 20. Not sure if that's the regular retail price for babies, but I would imagine that's more likely to be for an adult. So I don'd know what the shop would be likely to charge for a baby - and therefore what I should charge the shop!)

sichbo1 00:22 4th April 2008
I am not sure at what age axolotls should be sold exactly, but I just wanted to reply to say that I think you are very responsible to provide fact sheets for them (such a great idea).

Also, I bought mine from a place near Heathrow airport for 22 each, which seems to be a bit on the expensive side compared to some places, but they are in great health, and the only other place I know sells them for 40 each!!!

Hope all goes well.

bellabelloo 10:27 4th April 2008
I sold mine to the aquarium when they had developed all their legs. Mine where about 3 to 4 inches big then as I felt they would be more stable for re homing. I also fed them a wide range of foods from chopped earth worms to pellets as I felt the more variety they would eat the easier they would be to feed. I suspect the bigger they are the more you will get as my first batch I got 9 each and the second bigger batch 14.

Kaysie 12:04 4th April 2008
I sold mine when they were around 2 inches. Once they've developed all their legs, they should be okay. I sold the last batch for $5 a piece, but the sold extremely quickly, so I might up the price on this batch.

SarahandRich 18:46 4th April 2008
Thank you for your help and kind words

My only problem now is how on earth to house all those babies till they reach that size!!!

However, I can almost SEE them grow, it happens so quickly, so maybe I'll find out sooner, rather than later!

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