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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum)>Axolotl Playing Dead
MiseryInc 21:08 17th August 2013
Hi there,

I really need some help. My axolotl was playing dead when I walked through the door. Shes never done this before and she was lying completly still for about 15 seconds when I walked in, on her back. I thought she was dead so I ruffled the water on top of the tank, hoping to arouse her and luckily it worked.

However, as soon as she did that she rolled onto her side again and sort of went in an endless loop of spinning around for about another 15 seconds.

Is this weird behaviour? I feed them once a day, about 10 worms each. I have approx. 100 litre tank and there is lots of hiding spaces. I have no idea why she was doing this.

Was she being playful? She has seemed really depressed recently and I was (and still am) contemplating giving both of them a new home due to me not paying as much interest as I want too, into them.

I hope that you can help me.

Also, I'd like to say that she doesn't have any weird blotches on her skin or anything like that.


Morrison 22:08 17th August 2013
Hmm, what are the water parameters? Temperature? Do you have a picture of your axie?

I would suggest putting her in a container with a layer of water that just covers your axie, so that she can't flip over easily. This sounds pretty strange to me.

snuggly time 22:10 17th August 2013
What are your water parameters like?

How often do you clean the tank out/do water changes?
What's the substrate?

What do you feed them?

Sorry for all the question but a bit of info will help solve what's wrong. Also have you got any pics of the axie?

MiseryInc 09:39 18th August 2013
Whooper died overnight.

Thanks for your replies however.


snuggly time 12:27 18th August 2013
Aww, sorry to hear that

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