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Sick Axolotl?>HELP! White spotted, disappearing and red tail
ClaudiaC 04:59 6th July 2018
My albino axolotl isn't looking so well. I feed her nightcrawlers everyday, and usually she'll munch on the until she's full, but approximately a week and a half ago she stopped eating her worms completely, and of course I panicked, I searched the web and did a large amount of research. With the information I had gathered I inspected her, and I realized that her tail was extremely red, and appeared as if it was almost disappearing, not to mention that her tail also had these weird white cloudy spots on it and there's also this black stuff on her tail too like scars or something. She's had an injury on her tail before, and a bit of it is missing (i'll circle it in red so you don't get confused). She also has yellow spots on her body, but I think thats normal in an albino axolotl though. I tested her water, and the results were:
pH = 6.8 - 7.0
Ammonia = 0ppm
Nitrite = 0ppm
Nitrate = 40ppm-80ppm
From what i've read they're basically the expected levels. I make sure she is in a dark room as axolotls are annoyed by light, especially my axolotl.

I don't know what to do, I think it might be a fungus of sorts, and I might give her a salt bath. But I absolutely want to make sure that i'm 100% right, because I don't want to put her in a salt bath and traumatize her for no reason.

I really need help!
(just copy and paste these image links in a new tab, I can't figure out how to link them)

Hayleyy 09:25 6th July 2018
Are any of the white spots fluffy like cotton? If they are it's fungus and needs a salt bath to treat. From the pics it doesn't really look fluffy so maybe a tea bath will sooth her skin so it can heal?
When you did your last water change did you forget to add dechlorinator? Nitrate is on the high side so I would recommend water changes to bring it down to 5-10ppm.
What temperature is the water?

ClaudiaC 10:32 6th July 2018
Thank you so much for helping, it really means a lot to me that you're willing to help. Some of the white spots really look like she has something growing on her, they look like cotton to me but i'll show you some more photos I took, so I can get your opinion too. As well, I changed her water maybe 5 days ago, and I added 'Water Conditioner Plus' to it because I use tap water, its by a brand called BluePlanet, I hope that counts as a dechlorinator. I've also added live plants that specifically aim to bring the nitrate levels down, and when I changed her water I did a 50% water change to get rid of the nitrate, but even then it barely went down. The temperature of the water is about 68 - 70 fahrenheit.

(Zoom on the pictures when you open them in a new tab, it really boosts the photo quality if you do )

ClaudiaC 11:09 6th July 2018
I should probably mention that she also goes up for air often, I was told not to add an airstone to her tank but maybe I should.

Hayleyy 02:03 7th July 2018
Very happy to help :)
Generally you won't need an airstone, depending on the size of the tank, as the filter should do the job. In my 40gal I have a HOB filter, sponge filter, fan (sometimes) and chiller output which all add oxygen so I don't need an airstone.
The white isn't super cottony so I would try a tea bath or add almond leaves to the tank for the first few days. If that improves her condition keep them going until all the white is gone. If it makes no difference try a salt bath. I haven't personally used tea baths/almond leaves so you may want to search the forums on here for how to.
If you don't have one already pop a fan on the tank so cool it a couple of degrees (or drop your chiller to 16). Fungus loves warmer water.
Keep updating on her condition :)

ClaudiaC 07:59 7th July 2018
Thank you so much, i'll start with the tea baths straight away!

ClaudiaC 08:24 7th July 2018
Before I go buy black tea to sooth her skin, what kind/brand of black tea should I get and what do you recommend?

Hayleyy 10:45 7th July 2018
Plain black tea, brand doesn't matter. This page has info on it for you
I would just do the tea bath in a separate small container however then put the axie back in the tank after the bath.

ClaudiaC 12:09 8th July 2018
How long should I leave her in the black tea for?

NidiaNz 01:00 9th July 2018
Nitrate is a bit high, do you check your general hardness? That needs to be at least 200, there would be no harm in doing Furan 2 treatment, as her tail doesn't look good, full strength Furan is perfectly safe.

NidiaNz 01:23 9th July 2018
Originally Posted by ClaudiaC:
How long should I leave her in the black tea for?

15 minutes and you can give 3 tea baths a day.

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