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Sick Axolotl?>Help! Sick Axolotl. Injury or fungus?
Honnahlee 00:57 22nd August 2018
A week and a half ago I bought a dozen rosies for my Axolotl, Armstrong. I noticed a few days later they were all dying, and the dead ones all looked odd, like they had tiny white crystals or something growing on them so I removed them all from the tank. My axolotl hid in his hidey hole for a couple days so I didn't see him between work and stuff. When I finally saw him he looked badly injured. He has a bit of gill, the end of a toe, and a sliver of tail fin missing! I was horrified! I've had this problem with large gold fish before but never minnows! Not at all sure how these injuries happened. He's got white stuff on the tip of the gill so I immediately thought fungus and started a salt bath regimen. I also did a full water change. I did not put him in the fridge though because I was afraid it would possibly stunt his healing. I am not for sure though if the white stuff is fungus or a scab/raw meat from being injured. Well today I get home and the white stuff is starting to look more and more like what was growing on the fish. It doesn't look like your typical stringy white fungus though either. I'm at a loss and my poor baby is suffering. Please help!

Ps I cant upload pictures from my phone, I will add photos asap!

Honnahlee 01:10 22nd August 2018
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Honnahlee 01:13 22nd August 2018
He does not appear to have any signs of fungus anywhere else. There are no strings or other white spots, just on the end of the gill where it looks like it was nipped off. It doesn't look like any fungus I have ever seen, it almost looks like tiny crystals structures.

Hayleyy 02:52 22nd August 2018
From the pic I would say it's fungus, and it can grow on open wounds so it makes sense. Both salt baths and tea baths are options, a tea bath will be more gentle on the wound.
If the fish weren't quarantined first they probably brought it from where you sourced them. I'd keep them quarantined for a week or so before putting them with your axolotl. I don't like having fish with axolotls, even the ones that people say don't pick at gills, you can never be too sure about it. Your axolotl will heal given time and good water parameters/temps.

PrincessGlimmer 14:30 12th September 2018
Do you possibly have a picture of the fish?
It is hard to tell from that picture, if it is the same thing I would say it is fungus.

AxiesAllTheWay 20:12 5th October 2018
My axolotl has been acting strange, I think he might be sick. He keeps swimming on his side and back. He also keeps gapping at the water surface. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my little guy and what I should do? Thank you.

P.S. I did move him out of his original 20 gallon aquarium. I also can't upload pics or videos of him from my phone. I will try and get them as soon as possible.

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