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Newt and Salamander Help>Feeding more during warm weather?
noodlenoo 00:04 21st April 2017
Just wondering if people tend to feed their newts more during warm rather than cold seasons. I have had my efts since September of last year, and they became rather inactive during the winter, and now are becoming active every time I spray the tank as the weather gets warmer. Of course I try not to let the temp get above 72-75F degrees, but I can only do so much in my small apartment. Whenever I see them roaming around I imagine they are hungry, so just wondering if I should offer food more often in warm times of the year.

Methos5K 03:07 21st April 2017
Yes. Newts are Ectothermic (cold-blooded). When it is warmer, it allows the animal to be more active; in turn, it should be eating more calories. Careful however; too high and you start to get symptoms of heat stress.

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