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CatClio 06:33 8th March 2019
So this is my little girl (?I think she's a she) She was the smallest in the store when I got her, back in September, and I've now had her for about 6 months. She's only a little over 2 inches long and at this point I'm kind of worried. I was feeding her live blackworms until my local store stopped stocking them, and now I'm feeding her thawed frozen bloodworm cubes, about 1/3 to 1/2 a cube a day. I'm worried that I'm not feeding her well enough, but I've tried pellets, far too difficult for her to eat even when cut up. Earthworms or wigglers still seem far too big for her but maybe they aren't? I'm getting really worried and haven't found a lot of advice on the internet or from local sources.

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Hayleyy 10:46 9th March 2019
How odd! I believe they usually grow around an inch a month, give or take, so yours should be around 6 inches (I think! I'm new at juvenile stuff). How often are you feeding?
You can feed worms, just cut them up. I feed my 2 inch juvenile a few bits of nightcrawlers, a few mm in length. Enough for her to eat easily.
Was she eating okay on the blackworms? If she was then it may be because it was live and moving. Try some other fish shops or home breeders of blackworms if you need to.

ellarose 21:37 9th March 2019
That is really interesting. If she is eating well for you and not showing any signs of sickness, I wouldn't worry yourself sick. What size tank is she in? A bigger tank usually promotes growth.
Her gills look slightly turned forward in the picture. Are the water parameters good?

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