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Viking 03:06 5th January 2020
I have an bunch of eggs a few days old. I do not know their history. They all look wild type but many of the eggs are white which means albino or luecistic. I waited three days and most of the eggs look livable. I can ship priority mail. It will cost about $17. I am located in northwest Illinois. I do have breather bags. Cost 30 cents an eggs min 40 eggs. Shipping only in contineal us. I will try to ship next Monday. I only accept paypal at this time. It is hard to send money before they hatch. I will answer question but please do research first.

Rayneday10 15:38 6th January 2020
Good morning! I am interested in the purchase of the Axolotl eggs. I am wondering are they still available? I am new to this site so forgive me if I was supposed to pm you. Still finding my way around the site. thank you for your time, and can you message me if possible?

caiden 17:58 9th January 2020
Hello! I was also wondering if there are any eggs left

Jgezz 17:47 11th January 2020
Hi I was wondering if any of these axolotl eggs were available still to ship out?

Viking 05:38 17th January 2020
eggs gone

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