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Sick Axolotl? Axolotl looking down in the gills? The doctors are in.



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Default Fuzzy stuff on Axolotl's arm?

Hello! I'm completely new to the hobby, so forgive me if this post lacks some educated-sounding stuff. Anyways, I have a 55 gallon tank set up in my house right now with some sand as substrate, one Java fern, and a handful of guppy grass, some planted and some free-floating, and two little hides. I also have a little baby axolotl in there- Not sure his exact measurements, but I'd guess that little Arty's around ~2.5 inches. After I introduced him to the tank (Fully cycled, by the way), I noticed that he was actually missing a chunk of his right arm. I know it'll regrow, but I also noticed a fuzzy white cloud around the end of his little arm stump, and I was wondering if anyone might have an idea about what it is. I apologize for not being to upload a picture of it at this time, but I was just wondering if anyone had a clue as to what it is? Also, when I purchased him, his feathery little gills were white and still are - he's Leucistic, but aren't they supposed to be pink?

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Default Re: Fuzzy stuff on Axolotl's arm?

The white fuzz will be fungus, as the arm/skin has been damaged it is now more prone to a fungal infection. You can have instances where an Axolotl can suffer accidental damage and fungus will not appear, and healing will continue as normal, but that will only occur if the water quality and temperature are correct.

Water quality is often the cause of fungus, I know you say your tank is cycled, but:

What are the exact test results for your Ammonia, Nitrite, NitrAte, and PH?

What kind of test kit are you using to check if your tank is cycled?

What is the exact temperature of your tank water?

Sand is not recommended for an Axolotl of that size, since it is so small it's digestive system can get clogged with sand if accidentally ingested.

At this stage, you would do best to transfer your Axolotl to a large plastic food container. Here you can perform 100% daily water changes with dechlorinated water, this will stop Ammonia rising in the container and keep the water quality perfect for allowing healing to take place, and for the fungus to die off.

Caudata Culture Articles - Cycling

Caudata Culture Articles - Water Quality

Axolotls - Housing in Captivity

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Default Fuzzy stuff on Axolotl's arm?

I am not trying to sound rude: 55 gallon is WAY too big for an axolotl that size... They are a lot more prone do infections and diseases like that

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