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Default Pixie help

Hi there. I have a baby African Pixie frog. He is a little larger than the size of a quarter. I currently have him in a ten gallon tank. He used to have coconut fiber substrate, but I read it could impact him so I have him on reptile carpet now. I mist several times a day. I also have a large water dish in the tank that I change daily or every other day. I have a coconut hide for him to go in if he wants. I have been feeding him a mix of crickets, earthworms, waxworms, and the very occasional mealworm. I have been feeding him a couple insects daily to every other day.The temps are currently mid 70s due to my window being jammed open for a couple chilly days, but that is fixed and I expect the temps to return a little higher. Does this sound ok? I love him and I would really appreciate any concerns, tips, or suggestions! Thank you!

p.s. I have been told now to switch back to coco fiber, is that ok? Until I can get some coconut fiber, would moist paper towel be safer? I have also been told to feed outside enclosure, how do you go about this? Thanks :)

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Default Re: Pixie help

Dear Kelly, what a great choice of amphibian. Real characters with the omg factor. I had a female years back, she was massive and would eat a mouse every so often! Healthy appetites, big appetites therefore lots of mess which, in warm water could cause health issues or smells. I used to feed my girl in a small tank with no furnishings other than a water bowl which I included as she frequently retired to it after feeding whereupon she deflected. Her home tank had a thick layer of coconut fibre in which she would bury herself. It was damp but never wet. She had a bowl of water in there too. There was a small light but I think the purpose of that was for viewing since most of the time she was buried. There was no heat pad as ambient room temperature was fine. I was wary of temperature swings so the tank was not sited in enshrine. etc.
There's loads on the web to read and I'm sure you're doing that.
Try this: Pixie Frogs
Sounds to me you're doing a great job. I like your enthusiasm and your obvious love and commitment for your animal.
You can ask twenty experienced and successful keepers for advice and get twenty different answers. Take note of it all and adapt your practice to suit your animal's needs and circumstances and you'll be number twenty one when the next person asks for advice. Good luck.

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Rep: sully has started on the right path

Something about frogs with teeth creeps me out a bit but I think they're still pretty cool. The coconut fiber is better than a carpet. Pixie frogs like to bury themselves. I imagine it would be happier that way. It's what we used at my work when we carried them.

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