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Sick Axolotl? Axolotl looking down in the gills? The doctors are in.



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Default New Axolotl Stress

Hey, I got a juvenile axolotl yesterday that has not been moving much, choosing to sit motionless in one location for a while and then switch spots. It eats a lot, and doesn't have trouble moving to get the frozen brine shrimp I drop.

When the Axolotl arrived it had white/gold spots on its tail that could have been natural or a sign of too much heat from the delivery. It took half a day to lower and stabilize the water temperature in the tank but it's down to 65-67 degrees Fahrenheit (and will go down a bit more when I get a new fan). Other than that the water condition is good and the tank has everything I've read an Axolotl needs (filter, cave, light, etc.). the level of light has been very inconsistent because the room light goes on and off all the time at different brightnesses and the tank does not have a hood. I turned the filter almost all the way down, in case the flow was bothering it, but no change after a few hours. If any of these sound like reasons that an Axolotl would get sick or stressed for longer than a couple days, please inform me. Thanks

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Default Re: New Axolotl Stress

Maybe its the ph? If its gills are forward or tail is curled then its stressed

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Default Re: New Axolotl Stress

I wouldn't be too worried yet, how long have you had your new pet?

As long as you are monitoring water parameters closely, keeping the tank cool, and have a place the little guy can hide, he should be OK.

Are you only feeding frozen brine shrimp? If you are, I would switch over to primarily blood worms with the occasional brine shrimp feeding.

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Default Re: New Axolotl Stress

If you just got your axie recently, then it's possible that it's just stressed from the delivery process and from adapting to a new environment. Try giving it some time, he may feel better in his new home over time :)

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