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Newt and Salamander Help>Fire Bellied Newt swimming into Tank Glass
Mnalik 14:21 28th December 2018
Hi All,

My Fire-Bellied Newt has finally taken to the water after 8 months being terrestrial. He eats fine etc. My only concern is that he constantly seems to be digging in the corners of the tank or trying to swim through the glass. He often spends a lot of time trying to go further than the tank and swim at the glass.

Anyone else experienced this or have any tips to prevent this?

Thank You!

SKC 17:48 4th January 2019
Hi Mnalik,

I don't have an answer for you but one of my ribbed newts does this too. There's plenty of room, plants and hiding places and the water quality is fine. The preferred corner of the tank for "using the treadmill" faces a blank wall so maybe she's seeing a reflection?

Does anyone else have any insights?

joemomma1016 16:50 20th January 2019
I agree with SKC. If all the parameters are good and there isn't any other stressors around, it should be good. My newts do this as well and even my fish!

Otterwoman 13:51 21st January 2019
You could hang something on the sides out side of the tank and see if that helps with his swimming into the walls. Paper or something.

Nioa 21:43 21st January 2019
My firebellies would do this as well but they seemed otherwise healthy. Perhaps more floating plants would help?

joyjoy22 23:57 21st January 2019
I can't wait to see mine swim in the tank glass, but I think it will take time for him to adjust in his new home.

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