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Old 18th February 2007   #1
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Hi everyone, I'm a first time poster. I have an albino axolotl named Ralphie (my only named animal, lol). He always readily eats my hands/eats FROM my hands, and I've been feeding him frozen brine shrimp and blood worm pellets. I have an amazing ability to kill fish really fast, and so I fed him 2 feeders which I believe suffocated on water in a tank in which the dust hadn't settled from set up (a turtle tank, relax ;) ). He took them readily and seemed pretty stoked. I don't have any moral scruples about killing a fish for him, would these be a good sort of diet for an axolotl?


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Old 19th February 2007   #2
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I would have some misgivings about feeder fish to begin with. They often are sold in poor health (which may be another reason they died on you) and are often carriers of diseases. Some, particularly goldfish, are so-so nutritionally.

Personally, I wouldn't use fish as feeders after they had died. Who knows what really killed them. And as soon as something dies, decay (bacterial growth) starts immediately.

The diet I would recommend for axolotls is a mix of high-quality pellets (see and earthworms. My own axies also get some woodlice/pillbugs, live slugs, and frozen bloodworms occasionally.

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