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Plethodontids and Lungless Salamanders (Bolitoglossa, Eurycea, Plethodon, etc.) The largest, and one of the most diverse groups of salamanders, these salamanders have all evolved to breathe solely through their skin and are found almost exclusively in North America.



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Looking through my newly aquired "Amphibians in Captivity" book I noticed a picture labled as an Aneides ferrus specimen displaying "unusual green tints". It appears to me to be an Aneides aeneus and even has very squared toes like the A. aeneus I keep. Can anyone verify if this is actually a A. ferrus.
Not that it really matters,it still is a great book but I was just wondering.

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There are a few inaccuracies in Marc's book, which is to be expected in a text attempting to cover so much. I don't own the book personally, and don't remember if his Aneides photos were improperly captioned, but it's a common mistake and wouldn't surprise me.

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