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Old 27th January 2007   #1
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I have several questions! Please help me in answering them.
1. Morphing... what is it and why does it happen?
2. Can I put real dead coral into a tank with an axie and fish? I've heard the calcium is bad for them!
3. Can I put sand I got off the beach in a tank?
4. I have very fine glitter I like to put on sand to make it sparkle. Would that be bad for a tank?

Thanks for reading, please help Click the image to open in full size.

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Old 29th January 2007   #2
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ok well first morphing it is rare for this to happen but it dose happen ther is alot of rumers of y it happens a few i have heard is acidic water can make it happen apparently and iodine i have heard and a certan injection they use to morph them in labs but im not sure what it consists of morphing is prity much just the axolotls changing from a axoltols into its adult for a salamander such as tadpole turn to frogs but unlike tadpoles turning into frogs axoltols do not make this change unless under some of the conditons i have listed or sometimes they do it by them selves now coral in the tank im not sure it would depend on the size if it is to small they may swallow it but as for the calcium contents i am not sure but one thing for sure u should not have a fish with it depending on sizes the axolotl may eat the fish or the fish may nibble on the axies gills
now beach sand i myself have used this but it must be extremly well washed alot more than other sand i would not sugest using it
and for the glitter i would not put that in the tank it is most likely a sort of metalic dust and even if it is not i would not use it the edges could be harmful if the axolotl was to swallow it with a small amount of sand so i would say no no

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