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Sick Axolotl? Axolotl looking down in the gills? The doctors are in.



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Default Axolotl ate Corydora Cat (Or tried)

Okay so, I came hoem today and went to check on the axolotls as I always do, and saw that my gold albino had mostly swallowed the (Large) Albino cory cat I kept in the tank. The problem lies in the fact that the cory stuck out his fins (which have sharp spines on them) and stabbed my axie through his head and bottom of his mouth. My first thought was **&^%$#$#%&(*&**&&%^$$^&*(&**!!! I know I shouldn't have ever had the corydora in the tank with them for this sole purpose. Getting past the fact that it was a dumb idea to begin with, I caught my Gold Albino Axie, and using fish-hook removal tactics I removed the Cory from his mouth (fatally for the cory) and inspected the damage. My axolotl seems to now have a puncture behind his eye and through the bottom of his mouth ( the spines went all the way through) but I am curious if cory cats carry any form of neurotoxin or toxin at all that would be fatal or harmful to my axolotl, also is it possibly that he will heal over fine or he may be neurologically damaged? Like I said he has one puncture going through his head behind his eye and another through the bottom of his mouth. Also his mouth seemed to be stuck open (from the trauma?) but he did see responsive... Help?

This is the axolotl in question (Best pic I could get for now) ...if it works
Click the image to open in full size.

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Default Re: Axolotl ate Corydora Cat (Or tried)


I don't know about toxins in cory's but axolotls can regenerate parts of their brain, spine, limbs etc so I imagine it will heal up ok. Just watch out for any fungus around the wounds and give it time. You may also want to fridge him to help him heal. Not had to do this myself yet, but many people here do and you will find lots of advice on the subject on the forums.

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Default Re: Axolotl ate Corydora Cat (Or tried)

Hi nickjwes,

I googled a bit and found the following info:
"What is also little known is that certain species of Corydoras have a poison gland in their barbs which causes fish which try to eat them to get stung. This causes the attacking fish to suffer a lot of pain rather like a jellyfish sting. " (source)

Unfortunately I don't know anything else to recommend beyond what ghogg wrote. Keep your axolotl in cool, clean water and hope he heals. Watch for infection. You may want to take him to a vet, just to be safe. The injuries sound, unfortunately, rather severe.

Thank you for posting, though. And I am sorry about the poor cory.


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