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Plethodontids and Lungless Salamanders (Bolitoglossa, Eurycea, Plethodon, etc.) The largest, and one of the most diverse groups of salamanders, these salamanders have all evolved to breathe solely through their skin and are found almost exclusively in North America.



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Post Basic Ensatina eschscholtzii Care Sheet

Ensatinas can eat a variety of insects. Ensatinas will eat appropriately sized crickets as well as other small insects. Never feed a ensatina anything that is to large for consumption. Juvenile ensatinas will chow on flightless fruitflys (preferably D.hydei) and pinhead crickets. Try to dust the crickets every other feeding with calcium powder. Crickets should be gut-fed and healthy before feeding them to a ensatina. Feed 2 times a week.

Ensatinas can be kept in cheap, convenient plastic boxes. Make sure you provide enough space for your ensatina to live in. Ensatinas should not be "packed together" in a cage. A simple cage can consist of a cork bark piece, and some terrarium moss. You can use the terrarium moss as substrate, and the cork bark as a hide.

Go to this link
Marc Staniszewski's Ensatina Care Sheet

Change the moss every 3 months. Mist every day. Remove dead crickets. Do not over mist! Keep at a cool temperature at all times. Ensatinas will perish above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Never handle ensatinas. Oils in our skins will irritate amphibians of all kinds.

I hope this helps!

Comments and criticism are welcome


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