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Axolotl Eggs, Larvae & Breeding Eggs everywhere, how did that happen? Will it be albino or wildtype?



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Unhappy Still confused about looking after hatchlings!

Hi everyone,
About two weeks ago I got an Axolotle for my birthday from my boyfriend. I set it up in its tank and when I woke up the next day the tank was full of eggs!

They've just started hatching yesterday (in a small container not with mum) so i left them a day and then fed them some bbs today which I rinsed in tank water and i changed the water after a few minutes but a few hours later they all died

I bought the bbs from a petstore but I'm considering trying using a razor blade on black worms to feed to them. Bbs are just a bit daunting and costly if Im buying them every day..

I still have 50 or so which haven't hatched yet but now I'm really nervous! I think maybe they got some salt water in with theirs but I'm not sure if I over fed them either or maybe they got shocked from changing water (is that possible?). Everywhere I look seems to say something different about how long to leave their food in for and nowhere really says how much to feed them.

Can anyone help me with just some basic guidelines? There is so much info around the Internet but not all of it makes sense it's it's hard to find what's useful and what's not.

Please help!

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Jason R Davis
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Default Re: Still confused about looking after hatchlings!

There are many factors that come into play with fresh hatchlings. A few I see as potentials could be as follows.

If the mother is young and this is her first spawn then they may be weak and no amount of babying will save them.

You may have gotten salt into the hatchlings container but if you cleaned it within minutes chances are the salt was also taken away.

Also if you changed the water after only minutes the larvae had little time to consume the bbs.

If you bought them from a pet shop you may have introduced an unwanted chemical or other toxin or disease from the bbs to the larvae.

Water changes should be of a similar or same water temp that is clean of salts, chlorine, etc. If you are using tank water from the parents tank is it properly cycled. The parents tank can be high in ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and not kill the larger adult but totally destroy the young larvae.

As far as feeding goes I do small feedings but do them 2 to 3 times a day if you can. This ensures they are eating all you put in and less is waisted and will keep your water cleaner.

This is only what I have done in the past and am thinking at the moment that could be the issue. You are better off to hatch your own bbs to feed it is cheaper and as live food truly is the best for the hatchlings.

Best of luck with the other soon to hatch larvae.

Jason R Davis : Shepherd, Michigan : Breeding Group of 3 adult Leucistic,3 adult golden albino's,1 adult melanoid female. 12 other adults,10 Juvies and 200+ larvae.
Add to my rep if you find anything I have said useful.
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baby axolotl, care, feeding

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