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Axolotl Eggs, Larvae & Breeding Eggs everywhere, how did that happen? Will it be albino or wildtype?



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Default First things first

Hello everyone, long time forum user but first time poster!


I'll just give a quick summary of my setup at the moment, i know this is the breeding forum but we will get to that!

I currently have 2 albino (is the technical term leutistic?((seen this term used around the forums alot)) adults that ive had since juvenile size around 2-3inches, they're now around a year old and 8-9inches. They currently live in a 3ft 120l tank (will be upgrading to a 4ft shortly) with a fine sand substrate and are fed an earthworm each daily. They seem to be growing up nicely with lovely flowing gills and great skin condition. I do weekly partial water changes with treated water etc, and i have a decent sized canister filter with a spray bar as to not agitate the water too much. Heres a pic of the little guys:

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

Now i added some plants around 2 weeks ago into each corner with the rocks in, only some Hornwort to make the tank a little more interesting for the little critters.

Anyway the little guys had been acting strange for a few days, not eating and swimming around a lot chasing each other. When i returned home on Saturday the 16th of June the plants i had added were coated in jelly and eggs to my surprise!

So having read a fair bit about axolotls i was aware that i had a female and a male and i knew they could continue to spawn for upto 2 days, so i left the eggs for a couple of days before i removed them. I guess i had around 200 in total which have been sat in a plastic tub along with the plants they were attached to since then.

That brings us to today, around 100 have successfully hatched over the past 3 days. Which makes the hatching time around 11 days, as my house is around 20c constantly this seems about right to me?. Here are the little critter's critters!!

Click the image to open in full size.

Now i have brine shrimp on the way, i made a DIY double hatchery so i can stagger the hatchings so i always have some food on demand.

Click the image to open in full size.

Now i have some experience raising baby fish fry, so i thought that i would see how many hatched and give it a go. My current plan is to keep them in plastic tubs with daily water changes and feeding baby brine shrimp until they will take frozen bloodworm which is around the time their from legs develop? around 2 months? if i remember correctly.

I am told that it will take around 6 months to raise them to a decent size around 2-3inches which is what my original pair were when i bought them.

I am aware that with it being their first spawning that i may just end up with a lot of deaths.

Anybody have any advice or suggestions when it comes to raising babies?, i just thought i'd share my experience with you guys, as most people just say: Whats an Axolotl

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Default Re: First things first

What a great first post

Looks like you are doing well, and I think your brine shrimp hatchery is brilliant

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