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Axolotl Eggs, Larvae & Breeding Eggs everywhere, how did that happen? Will it be albino or wildtype?



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Exclamation Very sick axolotl larvae HELP

Hi there, I'm new to this forum and am in urgent need of help

My partner and I hatched 8 axolotls on October the 4th and now only have 3 left, they're about a month and a half to 2 months old currently and the largest is about 2 inches. We're currently feeding them a diet of mainly blood worms, and sometimes brine shrimp. We keep them in a dark cool area, water is usually 18 - 20 degrees Celsius. We do a 50-75% water change once every 2-3 days but clean them regularly.

Now my problem is that in the past week they're been floating, eating fine but floating and regularly coming to the surface and blowing a bubble. Seeing them floating worried me... At first it seemed like nothing, but then we checked the level of Ammonia 4.0 PPM, which is very high! He told me not to worry and to just do more regular water changes but things only went from bad to worse... They eat very little, the smallest wont eat at all, they're stopped floating but have a huge problem moving, almost like they can't seem to move their legs properly- they go upside down and on their side and seem weak- we've done a 100% water change but nothing has happened... Have they got ammonia poisoning? What can I do to help?

Please help ...

~ Anja + Tim

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Jason R Davis
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Default Re: Very sick axolotl larvae HELP

I would say your problem is definantly your water quality. When they are that small and eat everyday I change water every day, 100%. Make sure your water is cool and clean though. Make sure there is no chlorine, chloramin, copper, or any other contaminants.

My routine currently as I have 13 or so juvies ranging from 2-4 inches is to clean the tub they are in and feed them a healthy amount of thawed bloodworm, next day same time usually morning or night depends on my schedule I do the same thing. Clean the tub and add fresh clean cool water and food.

If their tub or tank is too small and you are over feeding the little ones that over feed with their waiste will spike those levels. With all the feeding needed at the size they are it makes no sense to me to keep them in a cycled tank because of all the food. Tubs are much easier when they are small. Move them to a cycled tank when they are 5-6 inches and eating less, like 3 times a week or so.

These little guys are tougher than most people give them credit for. I do not test my water, I do not match water temps, I do not do a lot of things everyone sais you are supposed to do.

What I do is use fresh well water everyday that is cold to do my water changes. Keep their water cool and clean and their bellies full and you should be fine.

Jason R Davis : Shepherd, Michigan : Breeding Group of 3 adult Leucistic,3 adult golden albino's,1 adult melanoid female. 12 other adults,10 Juvies and 200+ larvae.
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ammonia, ammonia poisoning, axolotl, floating, larvae, not eating, not moving, sick, urgent, weak

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