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Axolotl Eggs, Larvae & Breeding Eggs everywhere, how did that happen? Will it be albino or wildtype?



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Exclamation New Axolotl Hatchling Parent - Need Your Advice!

I have a ten gallon tank and just recently transferred my newly laid axie eggs into it.
I have read dozens of forums but I am still unsure if I should be filtering the water before they hatch. I've also read it's better to keep the eggs at a temperature of 5 degrees higher than the adults are in. Is this true?

Also, when they hatch I plan on keeping them in a shallow ten gallon until I notice cannibalism and then separate them into several containers. But roughly how long will they be in these containers? When can I introduce them all again in a fry tank?

I am aware I have to do full water changes everyday on these containers, but how should I go about this-moving the hatchlings and such. Any tips from experienced axolotl breeders?

This is my first time raising little axolotls from eggs, so I am definitely a nervous parent and just want to be fully prepared for everything.

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Default Re: New Axolotl Hatchling Parent - Need Your Advice!

Im far from an experienced axolotl breeder but i am just finishing up a 6weeks journey with my first set of hatchlings, or not so hatchlings anymore :)

You dont need any filtration system with the eggs(no waste no mess) but i would suggest an air stone to keep aeration inthe tank. They nee aeration

Once they hatch its fine to keep them together until you notice if any cannabilism. Some say if you keep them fed well enough they wont nip at each other but mine are in individual containers because i noticed nipping and didnt want to risk.

They need to stay seperated till they are about 3-4 " long after that i wouldnt keep to many in a 10gallon that would be a little cramped.

As far as water changes go. I did fro eggs to now in tuperware containers so i would just drain the water till there wasnt much left(just enough to keep the babies in water)an dump axolotl and all into a new tub full of fresh water, rinse the old tub and start again the next day. In a tank i am not sure how you would go about that but im sure somebody else can help you with that

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