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How to know when Notophthalmus viridescens is leaving Eft stage? (1 Replies)
Last Post: Jennewt, 11th February 2020
Newt and Salamander Photos (5 Replies) 3 Attachment(s)
Last Post: GoodNewtsMama, 7th February 2020
Good sand brands for newts? (6 Replies)
Last Post: Raiders804, 2nd February 2020
Do newt aquariums need ventilation? (6 Replies)
Last Post: Nioa, 2nd February 2020
Question: Aquatic newts and CO2 planted tanks? (2 Replies) 1 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Chinadog, 1st February 2020
Transporting Firebellies by Car (3 Replies)
Last Post: Pop Alexandra, 8th October 2019
How do you know if your N. v. viridescens is ready to transform into its aquatic form? (2 Replies)
Last Post: AuSu, 6th October 2019
Brazil, newts, triturus.... (2 Replies)
Last Post: FelipeNN, 25th August 2019
Question: Newts and Duck Week (0 Replies) 3 Attachment(s)
Last Post: hardmile, 3rd August 2019
Question: Considering Fire Belly Newts... (0 Replies)
Last Post: Waganga, 22nd July 2019
I found my African Dwarf frog upside down on the bottom of my tank ): (1 Replies) 1 Attachment(s)
Last Post: AuSu, 2nd July 2019
Baby newt care (5 Replies) 2 Attachment(s)
Last Post: xxianxx, 19th May 2019
Some general newt questions from a newbie (9 Replies)
Last Post: geesloper, 16th May 2019
Looking for a mate for my fire belly newt (0 Replies)
Last Post: ldethier, 11th March 2019
Vernal pool construction? (5 Replies)
Last Post: Jean123, 25th January 2019
Question: Quick aquarium size question (1 Replies)
Last Post: joemomma1016, 22nd January 2019
Ribbed newt sexing and breeding (sexual maturity)? (1 Replies)
Last Post: Otterwoman, 6th October 2018
New member, seeking information. (4 Replies)
Last Post: Otterwoman, 27th September 2018
Laotitron Laoensis purchased in Hong Kong (non captive bred) (7 Replies) 2 Attachment(s)
Last Post: ntny, 15th July 2018
HELP!!! I need new food (0 Replies)
Last Post: Luciotasexy, 10th May 2018
Sticky: UV lights in the care of caudates (43 Replies) ( 1 2 3) 1 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Mairin, 22nd April 2018
Question: White on FBN lower jaw (1 Replies) 3 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Mark, 24th March 2018
Illness/Sickness: Injured Eastern Newt Attacked by Cat (6 Replies)
Last Post: josh1990, 22nd March 2018
Hello from Long Island, NY (0 Replies)
Last Post: diggerwilson, 10th March 2018
Question: Plastic Barbed fitting safe?? (1 Replies)
Last Post: Aesyir, 9th January 2018
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