• For Sale/Give-Away/Trade Ads for all countries

    Updated June 24th 2017 to reflect 5 post minimum change to being for posting a new advert only

    Caudata.org was founded to encourage and help people breed newts and salamanders in captivity. As a result we feel very strongly about the sale of wild-caught animals and we do not allow this practice. All for sale advertisements must be for captive bred animals. Animals that are wild-caught but are "long-term" captives can be given away. We may allow long-term captive animals to be traded, strictly at the moderators' discretion (if you have a track record/we know of you and your practices, we are more likely to approve such an advertisement).

    Commercial sellers will only be allowed to advertise on Caudata.org if they sell captive bred animals only and we also ask that you don't link your website (or any other commercial website) unless you are a captive-bred only establishment. As a commercial seller, if you do not think you meet the criteria but are unsure contact us.

    For everyone, private or commercial, the general criteria for approving ads are as follows:

    For Sale or Trade (amphibians):

    - Captive Bred (CB) only (must say so).
    - Must state quantity of animals available.
    - Must state age or source of animals (did you breed them or buy them?).
    - Must state price.
    - No protected species unless you can provide permits or legal papers where such things apply.
    - Must be for animals currently available (not orders for future animals).

    Free to good home:

    - Captive Bred (CB) or Long-Term Captive (LTC).
    - A history of the animals would be helpful.
    - No protected species unless you can provide permits or legal papers where such things apply.

    For Sale or trade (supplies, feeders, etc.):

    - Anything goes, within reason.

    Ads are often placed without the complete info above. This will delay the approval of your ad by the moderators, or it could result in it being removed completely.

    Users who have not complied with our forum rules (linked at the bottom of every page) will not have their ads approved. We pay special attention to whether or not you have filled the real name field and whether your country flag is listed in your profile. Also, if you have any unresolved warning or infraction, your ad will not be approved.

    Please note that a member must have five (5) posts before the software will let the member post their own advert in the Wanted/For Sale section. There is a time delay of up to one hour after the fifth post before you can post a new ad, so don't post nonsense messages just to get your post count up to post an ad - this will result in the removal of the ad and the nonsense messages. Posting an ad elsewhere in the forum will result in its deletion and a possible infraction for the user.

    Thanks to Abrahm and Jennewt for writing most of this.


For US Caudata.org users wishing to sell/give away/trade within the US.