Top 10 Mistakes Made by New Newt Owners

For the past two years I have read several forums concerning the care of newts and frogs. Sadly, I have seen some of the same misfortunes and mistakes again and again. So I compiled a list of the most common reasons for the problems and disasters encountered by novice newt-keepers.

10. Buying a newt as an "impulse" purchase.

9. Not getting a secure lid for the tank. Newts can climb up glass, even upside down, and escape through tiny openings.

8. Not setting up or cycling the tank before bringing the newt home.

7. Not understanding the basics of water quality, especially chloramine and the nitrogen cycle. Read Water Quality.

6. Temperature too high. Read Temperatures for Newly Imported Newts.

5. Mixing newts with other species.

4. Getting a tank that is too small. Go for a 10 gallon tank, at least.

3. Trying to feed newts with newt pellets or Repto-min. Read information about feeding in FAQs.

2. Buying newts that are unhealthy to start with. See Firebelly Newt Tragedy.

And... the number one reason for newt-keeping disasters:

1. Believing the advice given by (most) pet store employees!

Last edited January 4, 2004

Jennifer Macke