Pond Project


October 6, 2004. I had a large garden bed area in a partially-heated room of the house. In this first photo, I have already thrown away the plants I didn't want.
October 7, 2004. Remaining plants were moved into pots, except one camellia that was left in place. The space was marked with string to play around with different shapes.
October 12, 2004. Digging. I decided to place tiles along the bottom to make areas of the bottom perfectly flat.
October 16, 2004. Initial placement of pond liner.
October 16, 2004. Pond liner pushed into the contours.
October 16, 2004. Just add water. I used a bucket in order to measure the volume... 60 gallons.
October 16, 2004. Cutting the liner to size and tucking in the edges.
October 16, 2004. Wet feet.
October 19, 2004. I chose a Beckett pond filter and a ViaAqua360 pump. The pump was chosen for the following characteristics: low flow rate (150 gallons/hr), adjustable flow rate, and low wattage (which minimizes heat production).
October 19, 2004. Tubing was run to the opposite end of the pond, where the water is directed to the surface.
October 29, 2004. Plants planted (left side of pond).
October 29, 2004. Plants planted (right side of pond).
July 2005. Left side of pond. I added a small pool at the far left. The water from the filter/pump empties into the pool, and the pool spills into the pond. The aggitation of the water prevents the film that I used to get on the surface of the water.
July 2005. Right side of the pond.
July 2005. One of the axolotls that lives in the pond. Although the temperature in this room goes over 90F on hot days, the water temperature has never gone over 72F, probably because the soil under it is continuous with the soil outdoors, and soil stays cool even in summer.
July 2005. Another of the inhabitants. All of the axolotls are wild-type, but they vary in color.

Jennifer Macke