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  1. Otterwoman

    What did my axie poop?

    it looks like an undigested worm
  2. Otterwoman

    Taricha newt

    These are definitely granulosa? Anyway spots are normal and sometimes indicative of an impending shed.
  3. Otterwoman

    Tylototriton available

    I have six T. verrucosus morphs available for $45 each plus $40 for overnight shipping. THey were laid this year and morphed in the last month. PM me if you are interested. Here is a picture. I have been calling them T. verrucosus for the last 15 years, however, some people are now saying...
  4. Otterwoman

    Complete embryonic development of Alpine Newt

    This six minute video is from Reddit. Amazing!!!
  5. Otterwoman

    Do something about the new salamander ban proposal

    Well, they are at it again, and again, it is time to pull out our magic wands- because what tool is more magical than the pen? John posted on Facebook: "As warned, the USFWS through lawmakers have introduced a new law HR-6362 that will ban all import and interstate commerce of species deemed...
  6. Otterwoman

    Killing Blue-Green algae

    This stuff has infested three of my tanks. Does anyone know if this stuff will hurt the newts? I"m thinking of taking the newts out anyway while I treat the tank. It's either that or throw out all the plants in the tanks and start over. (Ultra life blue green slime stain remover)...
  7. Otterwoman

    Fish Antibiotics- who has tried them?

    I was just reading in this thread about fish antibiotics. Who has tried them? In what dosage? What health issues has it helped against? Please share your story. THank you
  8. Otterwoman

    P. waltl wasting syndrome

    Does anyone know anything about a P. waltl wasting syndrome?
  9. Otterwoman

    Dorsalis eggs!

    Always a good feeling when you get eggs from someone and then after a time, produce your own!
  10. Otterwoman

    Book Review: Salamanders and Newts of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia (Staniszewski)

    Salamanders and Newts of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia (Terralog: Salamanders and Newts of the World, Vol. 1) , by Marc Staniszewski (Frankfurt am Main, Edition Chimaira, 2011). 162 pages. This gorgeous book, with a minimum of text (bilingual, English on the left and German on the right)...
  11. Otterwoman

    Can sals smell water? Or how do they find it?

    One of my newts recently escaped its tank, I thought it'd be gone forever. I tried putting out wet towels, which I recently read about on here (whoever thought of that, what a great idea!!) I found him two hours later in the towel. How did he find it?? I looked all over for him. He was hiding...
  12. Otterwoman

    DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE INTERSTATE BAN NOW: easy version Survey for USFWS now available. Please help us give real data to them to fight this ban: I've been waiting for people with more knowledge on the subject than I to come up with some kind of template letter we can write to our congress members...
  13. Otterwoman

    Salamanders and Parasite testing

    Does anyone take their salamander/newts/axies to the vet for wellness checks, or have their stools tested regularly for parasites? A group of my salamanders seemed sick so I brought them in today the vet diagnosed parasites, and we are treating them. He said salamanders should be brought in...
  14. Otterwoman

    Air stones clogging

    I have noticed a problem with my air stones, they get clogged or something after a time. But sometimes it's a very short time. Is there a way to unclog them when they clog? What exactly is clogging them? I go through way too many. I tried sanding one with sand paper but that did not help unclog it.
  15. Otterwoman

    Do snails eat eggs?

    This may seem like a stupid question and that I should know the answer, but recent tank event have caused me to question: Is it possible that snails are eating my newt eggs? I'm talking about the relatively small ramshorn snails that seem ubiquitous in tanks. Or sucking out the larva and leaving...
  16. Otterwoman

    What has the forum meant to you?

    The forum is back up. I thought we might take this opportunity to post how the forum has changed our lives for the better. I, for one, have made friends that I have even met in person. I started out with a wc eastern newt and now have about ten species and a basement that looks like a mad...
  17. Otterwoman

    Gigantic Tylo poop

    I'm quite sure this is a tylo poop but I can scarcely believe my eyes.
  18. Otterwoman

    Taricha Mating Ball

    This was posted on Facebook
  19. Otterwoman

    Death via amplexus

    Has anyone ever seen salamanders kill each other through amplexus? I could have SWORN the female was dead. Her mouth was open and it looked like when they are dead and their mouth seems inverted. I separated them and she swam away like she was just on her way to the mall for a new pair of...
  20. Otterwoman

    Salamaner rap (if you like me then you shoulda put a rock on me)

    I don't know the group that did this but it was shared with me by a nature center. It's pretty cute. All the Salamanders #SmokiesCool - YouTube
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  • (Guest) Taro Tea:
    Will anything happen to my axolotl??
  • Mother of Dragons:
    keep adding prime everyday for a week and your axolotl should be ok
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  • sde: chat? Haven’t seen this in years
  • Dougie:
    @sde, hi everybody I'm getting a tiger salamander coming from Katy Texas what are the shipping conditions that's okay to have them shipped to me in the state of Vermont it's just starting to get the temperature low above 45 but it may be too hot to ship him any thoughts or ideas on how to work this out
  • newtmember:
    as long as its not freezing they should ship fine. I usually ship mine in 2 days priorities like axolotl. insulation and some cold pack. Is this morphed or still a larvae?
  • macmac194:
    Greetings I have a quaratined tiger salamander due to not feeding and feeling lethargic. I saw a slimy green stuff inside the enclosure. Is this vomit? Poop?
  • Jjrio421:
    Are you still looking to rehome any of your axolotl babies?
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  • (Guest) nagato:
    Does anybody know where or who to buy danube crested newts from?
  • Mother of Dragons:
    Anyone in the DMV area looking for juvenile axolotls? I have several morphs available. Experienced owners and pickup only please.
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  • Ariania Lee-Ann:
    I currently have a 3 year old axolotl, he hasn't been eating for the past couple of weeks and has lost a lot of weight. Hedwig usually eats bloodworms and earthworms just fine but now he won't even stud it. I've done a water change to make his nitrate lower and his water is at a good temperature
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  • (Guest) zippy:
    what substrate is he on?
  • Linkisnotzelda:
    Are any of you guys on Quora? I’ve started an axolotl space there and am looking for people interested in helping out!
  • KarateKid08:
    I am wanting a spotted or tiger salamander and I was wondering how often to feed, what the best feeders would be and how many fed per feeding session.
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  • newtboi:
    Can I has alpine newts pls
  • ndbug:
    Any ambystoma breeders looking for californiense
  • axolotl owner2020:
    does anybody have any information on homemade baby axolotl food?
  • axolotl owner2020:
    I have an earthworm farm, and a tight budget.
  • Naxuzi:
    Hey guys I was wondering if my axolotl looks fine to you he/she (still don’t know) I’d activate and eating as usual but I did notice veins in the tail area.. let me know what you guys think! Also if anyone could tell if it’s a boy or girl that would be great! (Zolo was eating a worm and pretty sure the worm pooped XD)
    Naxuzi: Hey guys I was wondering if my axolotl looks fine to you he/she (still don’t know) I’d activate... +2