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Are there any keepers of Batrachuperus species?


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Oct 8, 2007
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as nobody is answering, I will give some information about my keeping attempt:

some years ago I got B. tibetanus and B. pinchoni, 2,2 each.
They were kept separated by species in aquaria and in a Ikea box in basement, temp range 2-20°C, usually around 12°C. artificial light in winter 8h, in summer 10h.
water depth 15cm, a lot of stones and a pump for medium strong current. The pair in the Ikea box did well with some hiding places formed by parts of plant pots, had no pump or filter and water change I did every 4 days.
They ate on earth worms, small live crustaceans (Gammarus and Asellus aquaticus).

I had a loss due to a parasitic worm from the Neocapillaridae group (Exomed Berlin found it out during dissection) and I treated of the others with Levamisol. no further problems.
The animals were aggressive during feeding only.

When I moved I gave them away, but kept them for more than a year.
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