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Breeding and morph help


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Breeding and color type help

Hi all! I am pretty new here although I have 4 adult axolotl (Leucistics, copper, wild, and gfp) ina 60 gallon tank that I’ve had for going on three years. Well for the first time they did the dirty and now I have two tanks of babies. I believe the copper and the Leucistic are the parents. One just hatched and one has been hatched for about two weeks. I’ve separated the bigger tank by color now and I’m not sure what to do.

Do I keep them separate by type? And what morphs are these? I am pretty sure I know the wild type but the other two maybe Leucistics/copper? And then I have one of all axolotl that are all white and have white glowy eyes. What are those!?

Any advice would be great!!



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Okay so I've never actually bred my axolotls before but from what I do know of it, I believe you should separate the babies by size. Once their front legs develop, they will become cannibalistic so it's better to separate the bigger ones from the smaller ones.


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WordsOfFate is exactly right, separate according to size. If you have lots of containers you could also separate by colour type but I wouldn't worry about doing that.
Eyes are a good way of telling colour morph. If they are white with dark eyes they are leucys, white with reflective/red eyes are albino, dark spotted axies with reflective eyes are wilds! Copper is a variation of albino so they will have the same eyes as albino but the body will be a yellow/greeny tinge with spots! Hope that helps :)