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Bufo Mania

Niels D

New member
Jun 2, 2011
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A little village called Terheijden
Yes I know, there is an overabundance of groups about caudates and anurans, but I haven't found a group especially for Bufo species yet. There's an old Chinese saying that there never can be enough facebook groups about amfibians, so I made this one for all you Bufo loving mad (wo)men out there. Posts about other toads (like Bombina or Rhinella for instance) are welcome as well of course, but sorry people.. no frogs or salamanders here. Please add the scientific names if you post pictures or videos of your animals. Now show me those toads darnit!

Join us:


New member
Apr 27, 2010
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Bombina's aren't Bufonids Neils. :happy: But I've been stalking that group for awhile. :rolleyes: I'll join here shortly. Thanks, JVK
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