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Question: Foam building up near the filter and fungus on plants and decor?


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So there's been foam building up near and on my filter, is that anything i should take action against? If yes, what do i have to do?

And now there is also what looks to be fungi on my plants (real and fake) and the decor? Should i take my axolotl out of the tank until i can resolve this and what do i do against the fungus?
There also doesn't seem to be any fungi on my axolotl and he seems to be comfortable.



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The foam could be caused by the protein in the food that you feed your axolotl.

The fungus or algae looking stuff could also be poop that has dispersed in the water. Try cleaning the plants and decorations and monitor how long it takes to form again. Your axolotl should be fine in the tank.

What are you feeding your axolotl? I found pellets will cause the foaming and more loose poop in axolotls than live food (worms).


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I am currently feeding my axolotl 3 pellets consisting of 50% protein every 2 days, but the foam has been appearing even before the axolotl got in sometimes