Fun and great night.



Well I cleaned my firebelly's tank tonight, and usually they don't eat for a day or two after that. Well, I feed them just to see and they're gorging themselves. Even the guy who normally doesn't eat that great. I think they like the new water change. P. Waltl and my S. s. Terrestris are in the process of mating. My male waltl does a reverse amplex move where he is on bottom. I heard that's normal in this species though? My two fires are going at it pretty wild. I think it may be two males actually. They put their arms wrapped around each other so they're belly to belly. They flop foward and backwards and wrstle, both seeming to want to rub their chin on the nose of the other. From what I read I thought that was what the male did to the female. I haven't handled them, but from watching neither have a swollen I'm at a loss for sure. Rather entertaining seeing all this breeding going on (My T. Granulosa just started amplexing again Damnit...newts get more then I do!;) )

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