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Good feeders for toads/frogs? (No roaches, or crickets)


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Apr 20, 2017
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Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any kind of a good staple food for toads and frogs. What would you feed larger frogs and toads? Stuff like pacmans, cane toads, rococo toads, bullfrogs, etc.

Are superworms, night crawlers, etc okay? I am looking for a good solution to avoiding crickets, and roaches. I really hate both. I will not compromise on either as I find roaches gross and creepy, and crickets like roaches, flies and mosquitoes... they're annoying.

Where can I get feeders? I am looking for feeders that I could buy in bulk and could live up for at minimum 1 week in my home-- but preferably much longer.

Any suggestion is appreciated.
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